Farewell, Voicebar!

This week, we made the difficult decision to close down Voicebar’s matchmaking app in order to focus on new ventures. We’ll continue to support scheduled calls, but we will not be sending you new matches moving forward. Below, we’ve included more detailed answers to some questions you might have about what this means for your past and current matches. 

We founded Voicebar to help people get to a meaningful interaction more quickly than on other dating apps. We believe we’ve been able to achieve this through audio conversations. Overwhelmingly we’ve learned that conversations are a magical way to get to know someone new (and texting = 💀). 

We're so grateful to all who have been a part of the Voicebar community-  we hope you’ve enjoyed this experience as much as we have. After a few thousand matches, we’re not ready to say for certain whether love is blind, we’ll leave that up to you to decide!

Our team still believes wholeheartedly in the magic of conversation, and the need for more spontaneous and serendipitous ways to meet new people. We’re working on a new experience that we are really excited about, one that we believe builds upon the best parts of Voicebar. Stay tuned!

<3 Anna & Rachael
Voicebar Co-founders

What happens next?

I have an upcoming call scheduled with one of my matches - is it still happening?
Yes! If you have an audio or video call scheduled you will still be able to connect with your match. The calls will work exactly the same. However, you will not receive any new matches moving forward.

Will I still be able to chat with my previous matches in the Voicebar app?
The chat feature will be available through the end of the month. Starting on September 1st, you will no longer be able to access your match history or chats in the Voicebar app, so make sure to take your conversations off platform before then!

How can I learn more about your new app?
Our new project is currently in stealth mode, and we are aiming to launch in fall 2021. As we get closer to our launch date, we’ll be back in touch with the Voicebar community and may invite some of you to be beta testers (drop us a line if you are interested!)

I have a question that isn’t answered here 😬
Reach out to us at support@voicebar.co or +1 (205) 859-2970 and we can get you an answer!